From the 1st of June 2016, Viasat has CI CAM for their Nordic customers.

Viasat CI CAM module (*** VideoGuard) is a simple solution for those who want to watch TV via satellite without set top box. TV module is inserted into your TV along with a smart card from Viasat. You use the remote control of your TV and your chosen channel selection appears in your TV's interface.

With Viasat CI CAM, you can not take part of Viasat's online channels (in the current situation Euronews, Sky News and Al Jazeera) or on-demand library, which is available in Viasat boxes. However Viaplay is always include for Viasat customer with at least Viasat Silver. However you can take part of Viaplay via computer, mobile and tablet and Viasat TV To Go on your mobile and tablet.

Viasat CI CAM module supports both HD and Ultra HD but does not fit all TV models, all current models supported are listed on Viasat website.

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