Tricolor TV fights with piracy

Russia’s leading pay-TV operator Tricolor TV has provided an update on its fight with piracy in both its home market and the CIS countries.

In the periods Q4 20156 and H1 2016 law enforcement officers prevented attempts to spread pirate cards and malicious programmes and 12 criminal cases were initiated. Three of these have resulted in court cases, with two convictions.

Tricolor TV says it is actively working to eliminate card sharing. During the reporting periods it also blocked around 470 internet resources.

Furthermore, it has clamped down on the infringement of copyright and related rights, such as the showing of TV channels in public places without the agreement of the respective operator.

In this instance the campaign began in 2014 and had good results in the first half of 2015.

Tricolor TV has also prepared cases against two regional operators for illegally rebroadcasting its content.

In addition, it has paid particular attention to the unauthorised use of its trademark.