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    How To: Download Humax files to PC

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    How To: Download Humax files to PC  Empty How To: Download Humax files to PC

    Post by KingsMan on Fri May 13, 2016 8:07 pm

    This is a stop-gap measure until the "download" button is available on the web interface, or if you don't want to install the modified software (but it might be necessary to identify the parameters required - not any more: see post #3).

    It works by tapping into the DLNA server interface in the Humax (update 1.02.20 onwards). The files have to be decrypted by the server on the way to the network stream, so by kidding the Humax into providing a network stream that can be saved at the other end, you kill two birds with one stone (decrypt AND transfer to PC in one go), bypassing the need to copy to USB drive (or virtual drive) for those with USB problems and also making it Hands Free (for those currently mounting a networked drive and using an OPT+ copy).

    This won't work for HiDef at the moment, even after the .hmt file has been Foxied, because there are other parameters in the .hmt file (other than the Enc flag) which control the output as a stream, confining HiDef recordings to being streamed by a secure protocol. When Foxy has been updated to account for this, or there is another means of clearing those flags, HiDef downloads will be an option too [footnote: see post 8].

    First you need wget.exe. This is a command-line utility for Windows, it only requires saving somewhere suitable and then running in a command box from that directory. The easiest would be to install it in the destination directory for your transfers.

    Second you need to know your Humax' IP address, see Black Hole's Trail Guide.

    Finally, you need to know the Media ID for the recording you wish to transfer. That is not straightforward, the only way I have to find it at the moment is to use the "SQLite3 Database Dump" available on the modified software web interface home page - for which you need to follow the Stage 3 instructions in BHTG (if you have not already installed it) [footnote: see post 3].

    Click the SQLite3 Database Dump link, then scroll down to find the table headed "tblMedia". Column 4 lists all the folders and files, find the file you intend to download (ending .ts), and the number associated with it in Column 1 (mediaID).

    Open a command window and use DOS commands to "cd" to the working directory (where you put wget.exe). Then at the command prompt:

    > wget http://[Humax IP address]:9000/web/media/[mediaID].TS <return>

    In my case: it downloaded 214MB of radio programme file in 3m15s, that's a bit over 1MB per second, and the resulting file played in VLC.

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