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    NCam-1.1-r2 (Oficial)

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    NCam-1.1-r2 (Oficial) Empty NCam-1.1-r2 (Oficial)

    Post by titau_3540 Sun Mar 19, 2017 3:27 pm

    NCam-1.1-r2 (Oficial)

    NCam cardserver v1.1-r2, ( MIPS, PPC, X86, X86_64, SH4, ARM, EXE )
    Copyright (C) 2012 - 2017 developed by Javier Sayago (Javilonas).
    Visit [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] for more details.
    Source Code: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    ################################################## #######################

    ************************************************** **********************
    Important notice !!

    This is the OFFICIAL version (18.3.2017)
    There are no later versions.

    If you have downloaded any version, listed as 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, etc ... These are FAKE versions.
    Be very careful when downloading non-OFFICIAL versions,
    we are not responsible for those versions or what their authors may have added.

    Signed: Javier Sayago (Javilonas)
    ************************************************** **********************


    ncam.mips Enigma2 - Mipsel (Gigablue, Dream, Vu+, Xtrend, Formuler...).
    ncam.mips-uclibc Enigma2 - Mipsel (Tiviar Plus and similar).
    ncam.x86 Linux PC (32 bit - i686).
    ncam.x86_64 Linux PC (64 bit).
    ncam.ppc Enigma1 - (Power PC - DM600, 7000, 7020, 7020si...).
    ncam.ppc-old Enigma1 - (Power PC OLD - DM500, 500S, DBox2...).
    ncam.sh4 Enigma2/Spark sh4 - (Golden Media, Galaxy Innovations, Amiko...).
    ncam.cortexa9hf-vfp-neon Enigma2 - (Cortex-A9 - Wetek Play and similar).
    ncam.arm-raspbian ARM (Raspberry pi 3, Prismcube and other similars).
    ncam-router.mips Routers (Routers MIPSEL DD-WRT).
    ncam-x86_64.exe Windows PC (64-bit) (You Need DLL cygwin1.dll in C:\Windows\System32).

    ************************************************** **********************

    Ncam settings web::

    Ncam Admin Control: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] (192.168.x.x)
    user: root
    password: ldteam

    Config: /var/tuxbox/config
    SoftCam.Key: /var/tuxbox/config

    SoftCam.Key Not included!!

    If you have any doubts, you can formulate it at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    ************************************************** **********************

    Changelog v1.1-r2:

    - Added support for CCcam.cfg native.
    - Added new option auto block sid in CCcam.
    - Added support for auto restart reader after some time and extend reset cycle for network reader.
    - Added friendly output debug message for CCcam.
    - Added Support for streamguard.
    - Update jquery-3.2.0
    - Upgrade reader tongfang.
    - Support httputf8 webif (on/off).
    - Added latest OScam patchs till the date 18-03-2016.
    - Tandberg ecm and emm algorithm fix.
    - Added support radegast.
    - Added Ping time feature.
    - Added MAX accepted ECM time.
    - Added Support for never retry failed load balanced things.
    - Define which client can use option force reopen.
    - Improved logging and enabled debug mode again.
    - Live log active.
    - Changes in webif status.
    - New option of services in the reader to select a reader in priority.
    - Added option ECM timeout limit.
    - Fix NDS CWs are dropped when connected to real CCCam servers.
    - Increase to 128 the service limit.
    - Increase ECM length and Fix check_sec_len for some large ecm data.
    - Fix card matching for prov is 0 in CCcam.
    - General Arrays in CCcam Protocol, now works more like the native CCcam.
    - Arrangements to reduce blockages and freezes.
    - Support for Rasp pi 3 (Prismcube uses this same binary).
    - Fixed the problem of anticascading.
    - Fix for aggressive-loop-optimizations warnning.
    - Add extended allowed timeframe request.
    - Accept all providers when provider is not specified
    - Add full support for multiport supported by Cs378x.
    - add support AES key to dvbapi and newcamd
    - Completely reconfigured by default. Do not forget to redo your config.

    Legal warning
    NCam does not emulate by default any payment signal without its corresponding suscription.
    You, as an end user, will be responsible for the use that you will make and neither I am (Javier Sayago),
    nor [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] are responsible for what third parties can do with NCam.

    If you want to invite me to a beer: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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