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    Istanbul Apartments Guide

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    Istanbul Apartments Guide Empty Istanbul Apartments Guide

    Post by jacktandy00 Mon Jul 23, 2018 2:48 pm

    The City of Istanbul

    Istanbul, the city of the two continents, strategically located in the heart of the world, has become the center of originality and modernity. It is one of the most important and largest cities in Turkey, and the incomparable financial center of the country, with a remarkable cultural and cultural heritage. It has a population of more than 15 million people in 2017; therefore, the option of looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul will be your preferred choice for accommodation, comfort, and investment.

    Location of Istanbul

    Istanbul is located in the northwestern part of Marmara territory, divided by the Bosphorus into two parts of eastern Asia, Western Europe, bordered by the Black Sea, the Marmara Sea to the south, and the provinces of Sakarya and Kocali to the east, and the western province of Tikir Dag.

    With such an extraordinary location of Istanbul between nature, civilization and the beautiful atmosphere, you can find the best deals when looking for the most beautiful Istanbul apartments for sale.

    Landmarks of Istanbul

    Istanbul is rich with thousands of historical and natural spots that attracting millions of tourists every year. It is a destination for the history lovers of and a haven for the sea admirers, greenery and pleasant face!

    Among its most famous monuments are the Palace of the High Gate, the Galata Tower, the Rumeli Siege Citadel, and many more historical icons that attract tourists. Investors are urged to look for apartments for sale in Istanbul to invest in distinct places of the city.

    Istanbul is the jewel of the Tourist and investment cities in Turkey, along to its magnificent tourist attractions, you can find the finest apartments for sale in Turkey and Istanbul within the luxury residential complexes of the city.

    Istanbul brings together monuments of various historical eras, each leaving its unique mark on the unique character of the city, among the most famous landmarks:

    Hagia Sophia Museum in Istanbul

    The Hagia Sophia is a Byzantine church that took 5 years to build. It cost 320 pounds of gold! And then converted into a mosque after the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh, who ordered to convert it into a mosque within 3 days to pray Friday. During the Turkish Republic, it became a historical museum full of precious historical treasures.

    Sultanahmet Mosque in Istanbul

    One of the most beautiful mosques in the world, and of great importance to Arab tourists, in particular, it has a wonderful mix of colors, mostly blue, also known as the Blue Mosque, and specializes in minarets exquisite like the minarets of the Haram al-Makki.

    Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul

    It is a bridge that connects the European continent of Asian one, with a length of about 1500 meters, ranks sixth among the longest hanging bridges in the world.

    Real estate investment in Istanbul

    Istanbul occupies the most apartment sale deals around Turkey, reports also indicated that the sale of apartments in Istanbul is an easy process.

    Istanbul real estate investment is rated as one of the best investment areas in Turkey and has been growing steadily over the past few years thanks to Istanbul’s huge development projects, such as the Third Airport Project, the Istanbul New Canal Project, and the Istanbul Grand Canal. The prices of Istanbul apartments are expected to continue to rise in the vicinity of these projects constantly, making it a great choice for both investment and accommodation.

    Besides of the encouraging real estate and investment laws to the common and sustainable development interest of both sides; the host country, which is vigorously promoting a prosperous investment future, and an emerging investor looking for a promising opportunity in a prosperous and stable country. The acquisition of an apartment in Istanbul is one of the most important opportunities.

    The Turkish government, along with real estate companies in the private sector, plays a leading role in encouraging real estate investment by presenting special offers and facilities to own apartments in Istanbul, encouraging new real estate projects in line with the steady population growth and meeting the needs of various investors through multiple payment methods , Including a wide range of options for buying apartments for sale in installments, all in order to facilitate the purchase of apartments in Istanbul for those who are seeking for.

    Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

    Istanbul offers great opportunities for those who are interested in real estate investment in terms of low prices. You can find your preferred choice of residential apartments for sale in Istanbul in the best area to buy an apartment in Istanbul, whether you prefer a sea view or green countryside, Or even in the center of the city, there are various options for real estate investment, and buy apartments in Istanbul within the most prestigious neighborhoods of Istanbul, such as: Sarir, Kate Hanh, Shishli, and Basin Express.

    When looking for apartments in Turkey Istanbul, it is not recommended to focus on the city’s famous areas. It is highly recommended to head to investment areas or areas that are constantly growing and promising opportunities such as Beylikduzu, Basaksehir, Bahcesehir, and Buyukcekmece.

    All these neighborhoods and areas are set to be examples, for the offers and advantages and strategic locations for houses and apartments for sale in Turkey Istanbul are so many, and the options are varied for who is interested.

    The desirable side of the city must be determined. Would you like to buy an apartment in Istanbul in the Asian section? Or prefer an apartment in Istanbul within the European side, each section specifications, but on the whole is advised to choose an apartment for sale in Istanbul European side of the vitality of more, and opportunities wide.

    The proximity and distance from the Istanbul European Center and historical areas, the sea views, and the surrounding areas of mega-urban projects … all necessarily affect the decision to choose and search for apartments for sale in Istanbul.

    Luxury apartments for sale in Turkey Istanbul

    With the continued expansion of Istanbul, it has consistently developed high-end real estate areas with many markets and shopping complexes, close to the vibrant city center and its impressive tourist attractions.

    The smart houses in Istanbul, which are surpassing us today, have developed highly sophisticated technical capabilities that saving the time and carry out the vital tasks of their owners according to the latest artificial intelligence systems, including apartments for sale Istanbul 2017.

    In addition to the smart apartments of all sizes, you will find for sale an apartment in Istanbul by all the luxurious models such as penthouse, duplexes and luxury complexes, with modern entertainment systems, and many of these houses and complexes have amazing designs, both in terms of internal or external engineering, Green areas, and surrounding facilities such as playgrounds, pools, and cafes, in safe, stable environments with appropriate privacy.

    Istanbul Turkey Apartments with sea view

    Istanbul tops the list of Turkish cities in the splendor of its sea views, from the highlands with sea views to Istanbul’s sea-view homes, as well as apartments in Istanbul for sale with its magnificent sea views.

    According to real estate reports, houses in Istanbul are attracting foreign investors in general, especially apartments with sea or lake views, causing prices to rise and profits to increase.

    Cheap apartments in Istanbul for sale

    Here in Istanbul you can find amazing deals to buy apartments directly from developers of local and international real estate, and the budget is no longer an obstacle to buying an apartment in Istanbul area to suit your needs, today you can search for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, For multiple payments and financing options, one of them will surely qualify.

    House prices in Istanbul are low compared to those in Europe and several surrounding countries, the investor can achieve relatively high income risk-free, investing in the most areas licensed to buy apartments for sale in Turkey, Istanbul, especially since the Turkish construction companies established a large number of urban projects, At all levels to meet the needs of investors and those wishing to own.

    The prices of houses under construction are much more appropriate than those that are ready, perhaps the investor or the owner can get an apartment for sale in Istanbul at a price less than 30% of the ready apartments.

    On the other hand, the Turkish government is working to provide various tax concessions and exemptions in the real estate sector and encourage new real estate projects, commensurate with the steady population increase.

    Apartments for Sale in Istanbul – Summary

    Finally summarizing the most important reasons for the search for apartments Turkey for sale Istanbul as follows:

    Its climate is moderate throughout most of the year and you will find apartments for sale in Istanbul to suit all tastes.
    The strategic location of the city, between the continents of Europe and Asia, combines the charm of history with the modernity of the present.
    Istanbul has thousands of historical and natural icons that attract millions of visitors every year to become the best investment option in Europe, Europe, and the world to rent your property.
    The availability of laws to ensure and facilitate the ownership of foreigners to real estate, as well as renting in case of non-residence, so we recommend searching in Istanbul Apartments for sale.
    A strong network of land, sea and air transport, topped by 3 international airports, hanging bridges, major tunnels, railways, metro and tramways, and expressway, highway, and even marine taxis. Comprehensive, and connecting the vast parts of this amazing city.
    The development and economic plans and projects set up by the Turkish government in the city enable you to find the right choice between apartments for sale in Istanbul with popular sizes such as 2 + 1 apartments, 1 + 1 apartments, and larger or smaller!
    Thousands of new investors are expected to arrive after the opening of major development projects, such as the new Istanbul Canal and the Third Airport, where the mega-projects have been operating for several years now. Investors are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul 2016 and beyond.
    Easy to buy apartments for sale in Turkey Istanbul in one day!
    The political, economic and social stability in the country, with exceptional facilities and tax exemptions for foreign investors.
    Statistics estimate Istanbul’s need for about two million new homes, so public and private construction companies will continue to start new housing projects, and offer apartments for sale in Istanbul 2017 and beyond.
    Despite the great investment advantages of Turkey, the prices of apartments for sale are still below their real value, which makes experts and specialists expect prices to increase in Turkey, especially apartments in projects that are still under construction and are expected to be delivered during The next few months and years 2018 – 2019 – 2020 – 2021.
    When making a purchase decision, it’s advisable to consult a reliable real estate consulting company such asImtilak Real Estate Company in Turkey to facilitate the purchase and ownership of the apartments in Istanbul and solve any problem that may be encountered in the purchase.

    The following is a link to the most important and most beautiful residential projects recommended by Imtilak Company to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul.

    In Istanbul, you can easily take advantage of all the apartments in Istanbul 2017-2018, whether it is for family housing, leasing, investment, periodic financial returns, record profits from resale operations, After-sale, and management of all types of property such as furniture of the most prestigious brands in the Turkish market, in addition to leasing services and management of all kinds, by contacting us directly.


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